Welcome to Land of
Make Believe

where your child’s imagination can be set free in the blink of an eye…

It is our hope that we can offer you a warm welcome, a lovely coffee and the opportunity for the little ones to be set free inside their own little village.

Land of Make Believe has been lovingly created to support and nurture each and every child’s love of imaginative and creative play. We have a warm and welcoming ‘real life’ environment that we want the children to have access and freedom to be able to play, discover and enjoy.

There are many reasons why we created Land of Make Believe but one thing that runs through our beliefs is that play is important, and it’s important for all children. We believe it is what helps families bond and creates fantastic memories.


Children with additional needs face challenges every single day and we don’t want accessing Land of Make Believe to be another one of those challenges. We have tried to remove the barriers that families face when planning precious play time together. We want all families to be happy, comfortable and confident when visiting Land of Make Believe, so that the children can enjoy exploring, playing and simply being children.

We are excited to meet you and shape Land of Make Believe with you, and if you have any queries or suggestions you can send an email to info@landofmakebelieveplay.com or call us on 01642 956330 and we’ll be happy to help with anything we can.

Playful Learning

You don’t have to look far to see the benefits and the value of role play in our little ones’ development. There’s no denying that pretend play is feeding the imagination and encourages children to experiment and test out the many life skills they need in life as they play and learn.

Everyday children are exposed to new experiences that capture their curiosity and imaginations. How? Why? Pretend play is developmental for children as they replay what they have seen, heard and learned, experiencing trying things for the first time and finding out more about it.

The nature of role play is a social thing. If you listen while your child is in one of the wonderful play areas you will hear them practicing many social skills that they will need to get along in life. It is an opportunity for their imagination and social skills to grow, by role playing with their friends or new acquaintances they will make at Land of Make Believe. It will develop their listening and communication skills, let their confidence grow and think about situations or events from another person’s perspective and help them to understand real life situations.

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